P-Day Post 12

This week, I worked on my presentation and summed up most of the research I did.  I added some more pictures.  I also thought, instead of making a bunch of slides of screenshots of the disney page, I would just have the tab right outside of my presentation tab so I could show everyone different hotels and activites.  I would use the Disney website, which includes all of the information the class needs to know.  This week I also created a slide of instructions for the class to follow when they are creating their trip.  I gave them some tips of what to do first, second, third and fourth, for example, airfare then food, then admission fee then hotel.  The reason they are in that order is because getting there and getting back is the most important thing to do.  I wasn’t sure about the food and admission fee, although I ended up choosing food over admission fee because, you can limit the number of days you stay, but not the number of meals you eat.  The hotel fee came last because the fees for the hotels vary greatly, so there are plenty of options and plenty of prices to choose from.  I also added slides that show how changing the hotel you stay in can be the difference between thousands of dollars.

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P-Day Post 11

This week I researched the price for an average family of four to go to Disney.  The final cost for hotel, park passes and food for a 6 day and 7 night vacation is $871 per person.  For the family, the cost is about $3,484.  This price does not include airfare, though.  Airfare would add about $1,200 to the price.  So, the final price would be about $4,684 for the whole family to go.  This price also does not include anything extra such as souvenirs or extra activities at the hotel that are not included.  I decided to research the admission fee for the parks a little bit more.  I found that different parks have different prices.  For example, to get into the Magic Kingdom costs a higher amount than to get into Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  It costs $105 to go to Magic Kingdom for one day per person and it costs $97 for all the other parks.  Also, I learned that the more days you stay, the less it is to get into each park.  The one-day tickets cost anywhere from $97-$105 per person per day, however the five-day tickets costs $63 per person per day, regardless what parks you go to.  If you stay for 10 days, the price is as low as $36.50!  I thought that was interesting.  For my presentation, I added this information.

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P-Day Post #10

This week I started my presentation since I have been working on the same topic almost the entire time I have been doing p-day.  I created the presentation, added pictures and created a script.

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This week, I created my presentation since I have been working on the same topic since the beginning of p-day.  I created a script to go with the presentation, although the pictures should remind me of what to talk about.  I put lots of pictures that I found interesting.  I am putting minimal words, since no one likes to look at words while someone is saying the same exact thing.  The only words on it are the names of the parks.  I also decided to add a video of someone on the front seat of my least favorite ride, The Tower of Terror.  For those that haven’t been to Disney, this will show them an example of the rides.  I might delete it because it will be time consuming and unnecessary.  I specifically put the best pictures I could find of the parks because after that, I have a slide with the price on it.  I think they will realize the beauty of Disney, as well as the cost.  Most kids, such as me before reseraching all of this information thought their parents were just money savers and didn’t want to go to Disney for all the lame reasons such as oli, water, cable, insurance and on and on.  However, that is not the reason.  On my script I created an explaination on what goes into that price (admission fee, airfare, hotels and dining).

P-Day #8

I have decided to do a presentation on how to plan a trip to Disney, since most people are unfamiliar with how it works.  I am also going to tell them some interesting background information on Disney.  I chose this topic because Disney has been my favorite vacation spot for my entire life.  I went when I was 1 and every odd year of my life since.  I don’t know everything about it, especially how to plan a vacation there, so I thought I would learn something, too.  For this p-day post I thought I would explain how I would like to present my presentation.  I want to have people see the beauty of Disney and then show them the prices it costs to get in each park along with dining, airfare and the hotel.  I think they will see how expensive this vacation is and why they can’t go as often as they want to using their parents’ money because the parents have to pay for other stuff too, not just vacations.  I wanted to create a document to share with all of them to put their information on.  This way they know what information they need.  They would have an oppurtunity to choose their hotel, airline and restuarants.  I also wanted them to choose a card with a budget on it.  So, if they get a card with $4,000, that is all they have to spend on their vacation.  I thought it would be interesting to see if they could accomplish it.  It would bring the cost more to their awarence.

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P-Day #7

For my presentation, I will be focusing on Walt Disney World in Orlando.  Disney has always been my favorite vacation spot.  There are so many qualities Disney has that makes it different compared to most other vacations or amusement parks. Between the fireworks, parks, transportation and characters, there is always something to look forward to.  When I present my topic,  I think I may have the group try to create their own fake Disney vacation.  This way they will learn all about the transportation, parks, restaurants, resorts and so much more.  Many people have gone to Disney.  They show up to an airport, fly down to Disney, take the Magical Express to their resort, settle in and go to the parks.  They don’t know the decisions behind it, though.

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P-Day 6

This week I started to research different locations of Disneys all over the world.  There is one in every country.  Although, the Disneys in Africa, Europe, Asia and South America are very different compared to Disney here.  The Disneys in Japan and Austrailia are similar to Disney here.  Next, I found something, unrelated to what I was previoulsy researching and it was about what Disney does to with all the coins thrown into the fountains and attractions.  I thought it was interesting, so I looked further into it and Disney gained $18,000 of coins scooped up from wishing wells, attractions and fountains around the park.  Disney did not keep this for themselves, though.  They dontated all the money to Communtiy Based Care of Central Florida.  They provide foster care, adoption, mentoring and independent living.  The sources I used were http://attractionsmagazine.com/18000-coins-help-make-wishes-come-true-local-children/ and  http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/about-disney/disney-around-the-world.  I think my final topic will be Disney.  If I had to split it into three parts, it would probably  be surprsing facts about Disney, Disney’s underground tunnel and Disney experiences.

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P-Day Week #4

This week I looked at videos of Disney experiences.  I learned that some people visit Disney to walk around and view the scenery.  I also learned Disney has 23 resorts.  I thought they only had about 10-12 resorts.  Another fact I learned was that over 26,000 feet of lights outline the world showcase at Epcot, which is enough to span the golden gate bridge 6 times!  Next week, I plan to continue the YouTube videos because I didn’t have a chance to look at some videos that interested me.  I want to know more about what other people think about their Disney experiences and see their opinions on Disney.  I have learned so much more about Disney.  I thought I knew almost all the facts there were to know about Disney, although it turns out there are so many facts I didn’t know about.  I have learned some Disney secrets, more about the resorts, about Disneyland and what other people think about their Disney experience.


P-Day Week 3

This week I researched Disneyland.  I learned that Disneyland has “Disneyland Park” and “Disney California Adventure”.  Although I have been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida many times, I have never been to Disneyland.  Disneyland has a “Show World of Color” and the Ferris wheel lights up and there is water spurting out from all different places.  It is amazing!  Disney World and Disneyland have very similar rides, although I think Disney World is bigger because it has 5 theme parks while Disneyland only has 2.  Questions that popped into my head while researching are  “Which did Disney build first: Disneyland or Disney World?” and “Was Disney even able to watch someone enter his park or did he die of lung cancer before that?” I don’t really have a big challenge yet.

P-Day Week 2

Last week, I researched unknown facts about Disney parks.   This week, I researched Walt Disney.  One new thing I learned was that Walt Disney won 22 Academy Awards in his lifetime.  When Disney was 16, he decided to join the army, although he got rejected for being underage.  He was also one of the first people to use TV as entertainment.  A question that I that I thought of while researching was how did he come up with the name “Mickey Mouse” and why a mouse and not another mammal?  My plan for next week is to either get to know the rest of his family, learn more about the creation of Disney parks, find out why Mickey Mouse has that name or what were Disney’s inspirations.


One source I used was http://www.biography.com/people/walt-disney-9275533 and it was credible because it is current, relevant, the authority is clear, the information seemed accurate and the purpose was to give a biography of Walt Disney’s life.